Is the $35 Pokémon Go Plus Worth It?

Pokémon Go Plus

Image: Twitter

Niantic announced that the Pokémon Go Plus will be released in “much of the world” on September 16. The device is meant to be an accessory to your smartphone while playing Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go Plus is theoretically supposed to allow players to enjoy Pokémon Go more efficiently, as the device does not require using your smartphone in some instances (such as collecting items from PokéStops).

Niantic’s announcement has more detail surrounding the device (see the full announcement here):

“It’s almost here! Nintendo and The Pokémon Company just announced that Pokémon GO Plus will be available in much of the world next week, on Sept. 16.


Pokémon GO Plus is a companion device that connects to your phone over Bluetooth® Smart (the Bluetooth low energy connection designed for health and fitness applications), allowing you to keep your phone in your pocket and go about your day-to-day activities while still being able to collect valuable resources and capture even the most elusive Pokémon. We’ve been testing it here at Niantic and we love the way it allows you to blend Pokémon GO even more seamlessly into family and fitness activities. Now you’ll be able to play and enjoy your walk, run, hike, park trips or visits to the library without having to look at your screen all the time.


As you pass by a PokéStop, Pokémon GO Plus will vibrate and light up and alert you to the location. You’ll even be able to collect new items just by clicking the Pokémon GO Plus. If there’s nearby Pokémon hiding in your area you’ll be alerted with lights and vibrations; catch the Pokémon with a button on Pokémon GO Plus and then continue on your way (later, you can check your Journal to see which Pokémon you’ve just caught).


Pokémon GO Plus will be available on September 16, 2016 in most countries and later in the year in a few South American territories.”

Given that many “hardcore” Pokémon Go players walk through numerous PokéStops daily, the device can definitely be a great way to save time while playing the game. Given the fact that you can also catch Pokémon with a button on the Pokémon Go Plus, the device seems to have several useful functions that should please players.

The verdict? We say the Pokémon Go Plus is worth it at $35. What do you think?